Week of Prayer and Fasting

During this week of prayer and fasting, it is not only possible - but probable- that God will speak into your life and use this as a turning point.

On this page, there are several resources that will be beneficial to you as you press into God's heart through our Week of Prayer and Fasting.  Here you will find resources dealing with a Biblical Understanding of Fasting, Types of Fasts, and How to Prepare for a Fast.  You will also see a video that provides a general overview of fasting and the purpose behind it.  We have also provided a link that will connect you to a devotional that includes a central Biblical passage, a brief devotional thought, reflection questions, and a prayer.  We will be using this devotional each day of the fast to connect with God.  You will also notice a link for a prayer guide that will lay out a structure for talking with God during the fast.

If you choose not to fast, please still choose to seek God with us in prayer!

We can't wait for you to connect with God and see what He does through your Week of Prayer and Fasting.  Please check out these resources and prepare to experience the heart of God in 2021!